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Hair Design by Irina

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For Irina, hair design is both a career and a calling. Having received a professional education as a hair stylist, she worked at high class salons in Riga (Latvia), where she attained the top rank of Master Designer. Irina's most valuable skill is creating hairstyles which accentuate the individuality of every person. Her exceptional talent in finding everyone's unique personal style is well known and recognized by her clients as well as fellow hairstylists.

If you need a skilled licensed cosmetologist that specializes in hair design, cutting, styling and hair color services, you've come to the right place! Do you just need a trim or are you looking to do something completely new and different with your hair? Do you know exactly which hairstyle and color you want, or have absolutely no idea and need advice? Regardless of your situation, Hair Design by Irina can help. It's easy to confirm her professionalism and artistic ability - just call (224) 628-8720 and make an appointment. You will see Irina refine your image!

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